Skin Issues?

Are you or someone you know (or even your pet) suffering from red and unsightly painful, itchy, patchy, cracked, oozing, skin irritation that just won't seem to go away?

Have you spent hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on treatments that either don't help at all or only help for a short while? Do the treatments sometimes make you feel as bad (or worse) than the condition itself?

Are you:

  • Tired of being self conscious?
  • Sick of the itching and pain?
  • Desperate for a good night's sleep without scratching at your skin?

Trust me, I feel your pain. I get it - I really do, because I have helped hundreds of people (and pets) with the same issues.

Now imagine if you could learn to help alleviate the suffering - quickly, easily, and affordably ...

You have come to the right place - I can teach you how to turn two plants that are FREE for the taking into a soothing cream that has helped hundreds of people just like you (and even their pets!).

Tamera's Story

I have a 2 year old son that had really bad psoriasis. I took him to the doctor and tried everything. They were telling me to do a bleach bath one day then give him an oatmeal bath the next. Nothing worked. He couldn’t sleep, he wouldn’t eat - all he did was cry. They tried this experimental drug on him that can only be given once a year. I tried it cause I was out of options. It worked for a few days but then the rash came back. When I called the doctor they told me there wasn't anything that they could do for him. A friend of mine told me about Shea and her amazing products. I contacted her and got some of the green cream, some soap and lotion. Guys, I wish that I would have known about her and her stuff sooner. My baby is pain free, sleeping and playing again. I can’t tell you how grateful I am, and I am now a devoted customer to Shea and her products! 


The story of Green Cream

My name is Shea Willis, and while I am not a doctor, I am a healer, and have been for most of my life.

I primarily work with natural energies and native plants to help bring healing and balance to those in need, whether they be people or animals.

One of the most popular products that I created many, many years ago is something called "Green Cream" - a beautiful, non-greasy, soothing cream which helps to alleviate the itching, burning, and cracking caused by many common skin conditions such as allergies, eczema, Psoriasis, rashes of unknown origin, contact with Poison Ivy and other irritants, dry winter skin, and most every other unpleasant symptom of common skin disorders.

And I do this with two humble plants that I can walk outside and harvest from my back yard.

And in case you're wondering ... no, I didn't plant them there; they grow there naturally, just like they do throughout the United States.

In other words - YOU also have access to these two plants and can make use of them to help yourself, those you care about, and even your PETS to feel better, stop the itching, stop the burning, and help your skin to actually heal, and I am here to teach you how to do this!

Think you don't have time?

Think you don't know enough about plants?

Think you don't have the money to buy a bunch of specialized equipment?

Think it's "too good to be true"?

Then keep reading, because I'm going to show you some things that might just change your mind...


At a glance ...

In this course, you get simple, easy to understand instruction that you can put to work for you almost immediately.

You'll learn:

  • How to find and identify these plants (and they are nearly EVERYWHERE!)
  • How to harvest and process them
  • How to turn them into fantastic, healing products (or just use them raw!),
  • How to produce variations of the base product to suit special needs, such as children and pets,
  • And how to calculate cost and profit, should you decide to monetize your wonderful new products!

All for only $47 when you pre-order before October 1!

But you don't JUST get the course - you get BONUSES!

You're already saving a bundle on this course - an "in person" weekend workshop would cost you $200, plus travel, meals & lodging.

However, I'm also going to throw in some really cool bonuses at NO EXTRA COST:

  • "Harvesting and Utilizing Nature's Miracle Plants" - an E-Book containing all of the information covered in the course,
  • "Prep Check" - A series of checklists for harvesting, processing & creating your products,
  • "The Spiraling Energy of Plants" - an E-Book that will not only explain about the amazing Bioenergetics of the plant kingdom, but will show you how to sense and feel it using only your hands!,
  • The "Cost and Profit Calculator" - a simple and user-friendly spreadsheet system that allows you to input data about your product and then automatically returns a retail price that includes overhead and profit! The cool thing about this program is that you aren't limited to using it for just "Green Cream" - you can use it for any product you make.

All together, this is a package that would normally cost $320, but you can get it for only $47 if you pre-order* before October 1!

Matt's Story

"As a Martial Arts instructor, I use my hands a lot (Self defense, sparring, blocking, etc.).

I developed these worrisome, small red patches about the size of a dime on three knuckles of my left and on the thumb and little finger on my right. At first, it was just mild irritation involving a persistent low level itch. I found myself absent-mindedly scratching at them, which only made them increase in size and irritation.

When they reached the size of a quarter, they drove me nuts. Then they grew even more - five large dry patches that merged into one horrible "rash" which cracked and bled every time I taught class. It was very noticeable and more than a little embarrassing. My students would constantly glance at my hands, as if they thought I might spread it to them. It made me terribly self-conscious and the itching and pain was awful.

I started using various hand creams - Shea butter, Bag Balm, Palmer's cocoa butter, and O'keeffe's working hands. Nothing helped as I gathered an expensive and useless collection.

I contacted three local Dermatologists who wanted at least $200 to even look at it and found out that prescription steroid cream averages $80 a tube. I was told that all together, treatment would probably total $1,000. I was desperate, but I didn't have that kind of money to spend.

The condition continued to worsen over the span of 18 months, and NOTHING seemed to help.

I self diagnosed my condition as "Pickers rash". The maddening itch causes you to scratch which causes more itching.

The ONLY thing I found that worked was Green Cream.

It provided an immediate relief to the itching and it felt amazing. After applying several times a day, I noticed the patches were healing in about a week and a half and were almost completely gone at around three months.

This is an outstanding product that I can't recommend enough. It's affordable and it works. What more could you want, except maybe to learn to make it yourself???"

Green Cream Treatment

For 18 months before treatment with Green Cream, Matt's hands itched, burned, cracked open and bled.

Matt's Hands BEFORE Treatment with Green Cream

He tried every over-the-counter medication available, but with no results

As a last resort, he contacted a few dermatologists to see if they could help. The cost of the visit and the steroid-based treatments were not in the budget, so I asked if he'd like to try a $10 tin of Green Cream ...

After 3 weeks ...

He agreed to try the product and reported an immediate cessation of the itching.

After just a few weeks, his skin was nearly normal.

After 3 months ...

Matt used the cream a few times a day, and in 3 months, there was virtually no sign of the condition.

After 3 months ...

Both hands were remarkably healed in just 12 weeks, after 18 MONTHS of suffering.

Today ...

And today, more than a year later, Matt's hands are healthy and the rash has not returned.

Once the rash was healed, Matt stopped using the Green Cream, but keeps a tin on hand for bug bites, brushes with Poison Ivy, dry winter skin and other potential irritations.

YOU can make this quickly and easily from plants that are SUPER common (trust me - they grow EVERYWHERE ...)

Matt purchased his Green Cream from me, but my dream was never to sell ready-made products to folks in need. Instead, my dream has always been to teach people how to do these things for themselves. My goal is to empower you, NOT to have you depend on me as a supplier.

I love to teach.

I love gathering plants, making products, dowsing energy patterns, and helping those in need, but my true passion is sharing what I know with others who can benefit from it.

I'll sell you a tin of cream or a healing bar of soap or schedule you for a balancing session, but I would MUCH rather teach you to help yourself!

To me, the empowerment of others is a far greater reward than selling them a product or service which has a finite lifespan.

If I sell you a tin of cream, you'll have to buy another when you use it all up, but if I teach you how to make it yourself, not only will you never run out, but you will have acquired some ancient knowledge that directly connects you to the magic of the natural world, and that my friend, is a powerful thing.

More Info About the Course ...

Want a little more in-depth information about what you'll learn in this course?

Then read on ...

  • Modules 1 & 2 will teach you everything you need to know about locating, harvesting, and preparing these plants for use. You'll also learn how to use them "raw", and how to store them for use later (this is really helpful for quickly making a batch of cream in the dead of winter, if you live in a more northern location).
  • In Module 3, you will learn how to turn your harvest into a wonderful product - "Green Cream"! And don't worry if you've never had any success with making lotions or creams in the past - I am going to show you EVERYTHING you need to know in order to be successful in making a cream that you will LOVE (and it's SUPER EASY).
  • In Module 4, I will show you how to customize your product for special situations, such as for pets and children.
  • In Module 5, we will discuss sharing and selling your product, and I will show you how to use the "Cost and Profit Calculator" (one of your bonuses) to sell your products for a fair price while also making a profit.

Candace's Story

Candace’s Story:


" My poor dog! She is so allergic to everything and she is pulling her hair out and scratching until she bleeds!"


 I have a Beagle that is allergic to everything. Pollens, grass, food, medications - you name it! I spent thousands of dollars on vet visits and countless tests with no answers. I spent 100.00 a month on medicated shampoo and had to bathe her in it 3 times a week, and her hair began to fall out even more.

I contacted Shea about it because I knew that she made stuff for people but wondered if she was able to make anything for my baby girl. She came up with a liquid soap, bar soap and also a wonderful product called "Fat Dawg Cream", which was a variation of the “Green Cream” that she makes for people.

Now I bathe my doggie once a MONTH in Shea’s doggie shampoo (rather than three times a WEEK with the other stuff), I use the bar soap for quick washes when she has been outside and I want to clean her paws, and the cream I use if she has a flare up. This stuff is not only amazing but I love that Shea took the time to make it safe, because let's face it - there isn't anything that you can put on a dog that they aren't going to try to lick off!

I love knowing EXACTLY what is in the products, and that there aren't any hidden nasties in there that will cause even more problems down the road. My baby girl can now live a happy healthy life and enjoy all the things that a dog should be able to because of Shea and her great products. Oh and I almost forgot, all her hair came back as well!


One happy doggie momma!

So How Does This Work?

It's easy!

  1. You enroll in the class.
  2. Watch your Inbox for a confirmation email and information about the course.
  3. Watch for personal emails from me - I like to get to know my students, and I will also be sending you some cool information!
  4. On October 12, you will receive all the information you need to access the course and get started!
  5. Once you complete the course, you can immediately start harvesting and putting your new skills to work!

Mike Says ...

I had one of the worst cases of Poison ivy ever, and I purchased a tin of green cream that I heard so much about. Needless to say, it kept the itching completely at bay.

Amazing product.

Mike W. 


  1. I have no CLUE how to identify plants or what to do with them once I find them! Will I learn this?
  2. Absolutely - and you will learn it quickly! I will give you all of the information you need, and if you have questions, I am just an email away!
  3. I live in an urban jungle. I'm guessing these plants will not be available to me - correct?
  4. Nope! Even "urban jungles" have parks and patches of dirt somewhere, and one of these plants can even be found frequently growing up through the cracks in a sidewalk, so trust me - you can find them! And here's another tidbit of information - if you really and truly have difficulty finding them, you can grow them in a pot very easily!
  5. I believe in science, not "Hocus Pocus". How do I know that this isn't just a gimmick or some kind of "new-age" baloney?
  6. I get what you're saying - I really do, and I don't blame you for thinking this sounds "too good to be true" or that it's a load of rubbish. However, before you dismiss this as being outside the bounds of science, here's something to think about: Nature is the ultimate chemist, and more than half of all current pharmaceuticals were derived from natural sources. White Willow gave us aspirin, Foxglove was the source for Digitalis (a drug that not only slows the heart rate, but increases the intensity of the muscle contractions), Sweet Gum pods contain Shikimic Acid, which is a component of Tamiflu, and the Pacific Yew tree gave us Taxol (a cancer treatment). These are only a few examples among thousands. The miracles of science are almost always derived from the wonders of nature.
  7. I thought that medicinal plants were only found in exotic places, like the Amazon jungle, and you're telling me I can find plants for healing in my backyard?
  8. Absolutely! While it's true that there are many wonderful plants in the Amazon, nature provides for her children EVERYWHERE, not just in idealized places.
  9. I'm leery of investing in this because I'm afraid that, once I enroll in the course, I will find that I have to spend hundreds (or even thousands!) of dollars on tools, equipment and materials. I don't have that kind of money, nor do I have a specialized "workspace". Can you help me understand what else I am going to need after I enroll in the course?
  10. That is a great question, and a very valid concern! In a nutshell, you can make use of these plants with nothing more than a bucket, a pair of scissors, a blender, a coffee filter (or piece of cheesecloth), and a jar. However, in order to create basic "Green Cream", you will also need to add an immersion blender (highly recommended, but not absolutely required - you could sub a whisk and elbow grease for it), an oil of your choice (I recommend olive or coconut) and a vegetable wax emulsifier - a small investment that can total less than $20. In the course, I will also provide you with information on other optional materials, so you can invest as much or as little as you like in your product. As to your workspace - your kitchen counter will do just fine!
  11. In the movies, "natural remedies" always taste bad, smell horrible, or are some nasty, goopy texture that looks like tar. I don't want to make this only to find that I can't use it because it's gross - can you tell me what the cream is actually like?
  12. That made me laugh, but you're right, and I don't blame you for being worried! Here's some info to put your mind at ease: when freshly processed, these plants have only the slightest fragrance, and it resembles fresh cut grass. It's so light that you almost can't smell it at all, so no worries there. Once fully processed into Green Cream, the smell of the product depends on what you choose to add to it. If you add nothing, it will have virtually no smell. If you choose to add essential oils or other elements, the cream will bear the fragrance of those. As to the texture - it's a DREAM! The cream you will be creating is light, spreads and absorbs easily, is NOT greasy, and feels like something from a very high-end boutique. It's fantastic! And of course, it's a beautiful light green color. :)
  13. I am BUSY. I don't have the time to spend weeks or months learning to be a botanist or a chemist. How long is this going to take?
  14. Aside from the few hours that you will spend receiving instruction in the course itself, your time investment will be VERY small. I can harvest & process my plants AND turn them into a large batch (we're talking POUNDS, not ounces, lol) of finished Green Cream in an afternoon. Granted, your first attempt may take you a little longer than this, but once you do it ONE TIME, you will get the hang of it and can complete the process, start-to-finish, in a remarkably short period of time!
  15. Can I only do this in the summertime?
  16. In many areas, you can do this nearly all year! However, one of the plants that I will be teaching you about IS a warm-weather plant and dies off in areas with cold winters. The other one can be found under almost ANY weather conditions (I even harvest it in the snow!). And here's something that I will be showing you in the course - the reason that I am teaching you about TWO plants is so that you can always find and use at least one of them. I use them both when they are available, but you can also use them independently - you don't HAVE to have them both. Also - in the course I will teach you how to harvest, prep, and store enough plant material in ONE AFTERNOON to last you for a whole YEAR! This is great for folks that live in colder climates, but it's also great for everyone else, because it means you only have to harvest once a year, if you want to!
  17. Once, a long time ago, I decided I wanted to try using some plants to make a salve. I was told to heat them in a pot of oil for hours, discard the plants, and then mix the oil with beeswax. It turned into a complete disaster - the oil ended up going rancid, the smell was horrible, the cleanup was awful, and the salve was greasy. Is this different from that?
  18. Oh yeah - this is VERY different from that! The magical part of most plants is in the "juice", which is water based. Oil and water don't mix without an emulsifier, so "cooking" your plants in a vat of oil probably imparted only a minimal amount of the plant's value to the oil, not to mention that heat kills most of the beneficial properties in plant juice! What you'll learn in this course is COMPLETELY different - you will learn how to harvest and process the plants in their raw state, preserving all the goodness that they have to offer, and I will show you a method for doing this that is fast, efficient, and requires about the same amount of cleanup as making a smoothie. The only time that you will be working with oil is when you make the finished "Green Cream", and even then, the oil is emulsified with the water, so there is no oily mess!

Chris says ...

I work outside all year round, and I endure the harshness of all seasons. I have always dreaded fall and winter because my hands crack open on my knuckles, cuticles, fingers and the webbing of my thumbs. I reached out to Shea to see if she had something that would help. Sure enough she did - "Green Cream". I have been using this cream for 4 years now, and no longer have to dread the change in weather and the suffering that used to come with it. No more cracked and bleeding skin! As an added bonus, it has also cleared up my psoriasis. I paid for one affordable product that cleared up multiple problems. Thank you so much!

*Pre-Order Information

The Bee's Knees of Weeds is currently available for pre-order at reduced pricing, but ONLY until October 1, 2020!

After this date, the price goes up, so don't miss this opportunity to get some fantastic instruction at a phenomenally reduced price!

After October 1, the cost will revert to the full purchase price of $95.

For this limited time, you can pre-order this course for only $47, and that gets you a LOT of information, including 5 modules of specialized instruction on how YOU can turn common plants (that are EASY to find) into soothing relief for painful, irritated, itchy skin, along with all of those cool bonuses!

The release date for this course is October 12, 2020.

Special Discount Pricing Only Until October 1 - Don't Miss Out!!!


The Bees Knees of Weeds

Learn how you can quickly (and cheaply!) utilize two Super Heroes of the plant kingdom for skin health!

I absolutely LOVE native plants, and this class will teach you how to locate, identify, harvest, and put to use two of the most powerful (and yet overlooked) plants out there.

Regardless of where you live, you almost certainly have access to one or both of these plants right now, and once you locate them and learn to utilize them, you can use them for a multitude of things, from eating in a salad to soothing persistent skin irritations to first aid applications for bites, stings, and wounds. You can even use them for your pets!

This class will walk you through everything that you need to know and offers the same level of information included in our in-person weekend workshop, which is priced at $200 (plus travel, lodging, and meals).

Enrollment also includes the following at no extra cost to you:

  • "Harvesting and Utilizing Nature's Miracle Plants" - an E-Book containing all of the information covered in the course,
  • "Prep Check" - A series of checklists for harvesting, processing & creating your products,
  • "The Spiraling Energy of Plants" - an E-Book that will not only explain about the amazing Bioenergetics of the plant kingdom, but will show you how to sense and feel it using only your hands!,
  • The "Cost and Profit Calculator" - a simple and user-friendly spreadsheet system that allows you to input data about your product and then automatically returns a retail price that includes overhead and profit! The cool thing about this program is that you aren't limited to using it for just "Green Cream" - you can use it for any product you make.

All together, this is a package that would normally cost $320, but you can get it for only $47 if you pre-order* before October 1!